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Grease Trap BAGT

Your well-equipped restaurant thanks to the grease trap  BAGT

Since 2004, we have been designing and selling grease trays for restaurants and catering trades. Our professional grease traps are made of 304L stainless steel quality, which gives them a perfect durability over time. The size of the grease traps allows an easy installation under the plunge and a simple daily use.
A professional grease trap

The professional grease trap is intended for restaurateurs as well as all professionals in the food industry, butchery, delicatessen, catering, fish, bakery, pastry... For these professionals, we want to ensure ease of use and daily maintenance thanks to grease trays underwater easily manipulable and especially without failure.
A grease tray to be placed under the sink

The grease trap under the sink is a small grease trap, suitable for installation directly under the sink. It allows simple and regular maintenance, unlike underground grease traps, which require the intervention of a cleaning company. The grease box can be easily connected to the sink using the optional dedicated plumbing fittings and accessories.

Grease draining is done simply by operating a valve located at the front of the unit, there is no need to open the tank. Our stainless steel grease trays are completely and quickly dismountable to ensure their complete cleaning.
Sizing of the grease trap

Several models of under-sink grease traps are available, their choice depends on the number of covers served and/or the quantity of water and greasy waste discharged into the waste water circuit. A minimum space is required under the dip tank to accommodate the grease trap and optional plumbing connections.  Our large capacity professional grease trays (models BAGT® Compact, BAGT® 80N, BAGT® 200N and BAGT® 400N) are equipped with a lamellar system that filters the same amount of grease as a tray with a volume three to five times higher.
A stainless steel grease trap

All our stainless steel grease traps are made of 304 L food grade stainless steel and are guaranteed for 10 years. The stainless steel used for our grease trays is very strong and durable: good thickness, corrosion, pressure and shock resistance, which guarantees reduced maintenance. In addition, there is no risk of failure with these professional grease traps, as they operate without an electrical connection and are totally autonomous in terms of energy.
The grease trap for filtering waste water.

Our BAGT® N grease traps provide a tailor-made service for professionals in the food industry who need to filter their food grease emissions. You can find more information on this subject at or here:

Our small grease traps are very easy to install under the plunger and are easy to maintain - for more details, see the section "Operation" then "Maintenance". Made entirely of stainless steel, they guarantee low maintenance and very good durability. The different models available for grease traps under the sink are detailed in the "Models" category. You will also find on "youtube BAGT installation assembly" and "youtube BAGT maintenance" two films that explain the installation and maintenance of the BAGT®N models

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