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Séparateur de graisse

Our range of grease trays, for restaurants and collective kitchens

We offer grease traps for restaurants and collective kitchens, eligible for subsidies offered by the Water Agency and Chambers of Commerce. These under-sink grease separators are used to treat greasy effluents from diving water, so that the wastewater is pre-treated before it reaches the collective sanitation circuit.

For more information, consult My Sanitation, a site listing the Water Agencies in France with information on financial assistance.
A grease trap under the sink

The grease trap under the sink is a simple tool to install and use. The inlet of the grease trap connects to the dubac plunge trap, its outlet connects to the drain pipes to the sewers. The waste water and grease loaded water from the plunger passes through the waste basket of the grease trap under the sink where waste larger than 2 mm is stored. Then the greasy matter separates from the water and rises to the surface.

Depending on the model of the grease trap under the sink, BAGT® or BAGT®N, the water/grease separation system is different. The BAGT® N has a lamellar system that allows an optimized fat path in a reduced volume. In the case of BAGT®, the lamellar system is not required because it is intended for low-capacity facilities.

Once the grease has accumulated on the surface of the water, it can be recovered in two ways depending on the type of grease trap used in the kitchen. For BAGT® 25 and BAGT® 40 models, the cover must be opened, the waste basket removed and the grease removed from the surface using the basket or ladle. For larger capacity models, BAGT® Compact, BAGT® 80N, BAGT® 200N and BAGT® 400N, simply open the grease drain valve.

The pre-treated water of/100/ dives can then be discharged from the grease trap for restaurants or kitchens to the collective sewerage system.
A grease trap for cooking

The grease trap for kitchens is suitable for all establishments, restaurants, catering trades and collective kitchens that request it. It is sufficient to know the average number of covers served per day and/or the quantity of water and greasy effluents discharged to the wastewater circuit.

It is also necessary to check the space available under the plunge taking into account the height required to open the cover and remove the basket (about 10 cm). The length of the plumbing connections must also be taken into account. Once these checks have been carried out, all you have to do is choose the right equipment for your needs.

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The grease trap for restaurants, a specific tool.

The grease trap for restaurants, catering trades and collective kitchens can be adapted to any kitchen thanks to the different models offered, detailed in the "Models" category. It offers optimal operation and efficiency with minimal maintenance (see "Maintenance" for more information). This equipment does not break down and has a long warranty period.

Find all our grease separators for restaurants.

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