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Récupérateur de graisse

The grease collecting bin, an essential tool for restaurants and catering trades

The grease trap, mandatory for restaurants and catering trades, allows the treatment of greasy effluents from the kitchen sink before they enter the wastewater circuit. It is an economical alternative and saves time on installation compared to underground tanks which require major installation work and mandatory cleaning every month, carried out by a specialized company.
Two ranges of BAGT® grease trays

We offer two ranges of grease trays: two small capacity models, up to 50 trays per day, and four larger capacity models, up to 400 trays per day. The small models operate according to a natural fat separation system by settling while the large models integrate a system called Grease Back, it is a lamellar system that allows a fat separation as efficient as a tank with a volume three to five times higher and which allows an easy emptying of fat.
Long-term sustainable models

Our grease trays are made entirely of a 304L stainless steel alloy for food use, which has excellent corrosion resistance.

Their weight is the best proof of their durability. The operation of the tank does not require any electrical connection, which makes it a reliable and durable machine, which we guarantee for 3 years against any manufacturing defect.
A quick installation

The installation of the grease trap under the sink tray is usually carried out by a professional, in 2 to 3 hours, using the connection accessories that we provide as an option. Allow 10 cm of free space above the bin to access the basket, and 15 cm on the sides for connections.
Simple but regular maintenance

Once placed under the plunger, our grease trays are easy to clean. It is necessary to perform cleaning tasks regularly to prevent it from becoming clogged and overflowing. Ideally, it is advisable to take out the waste basket every day to dispose of solid waste, then, once a week, to extract the fat. Two processes depending on the tank model: for models BAGT 25 and BAGT 40, remove the cover and skim the grease from the surface using the basket (if it is fixed, otherwise use a ladle); for models BAGT COMPACT, BAGT 80N, BAGT 200N and BAGT 400N, open the grease drain valve (located at the front of the tank) and let the grease flow. Transfer these fatty substances to a drum that will be collected by a company specialising in the management of used edible oils and fats, which will allow them to be recycled into biofuel for example. It is also advisable to completely empty the grease trap two to three times a year to remove fine waste from the bottom, or every three months if the drain valve is not connected to the network.
Choice of grease trap model

To choose your grease trap, you can find the detailed characteristics of each trap in our Product Sheets. We offer 6 trays with processing capacities of up to 30 trays for the smallest model BAGT 25 and up to 400 trays for the BAGT 400N. Feel free to contact us if you need more information.
The grease trap: an equipment within the reach of all professionals

We have designed our grease trap so that it is accessible to everyone: its quick installation under the kitchen sink; its easy maintenance, especially for the Grease Back range, its quality and durability make it a technical but very accessible tool. You can also take a look at our range of grease separators.

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