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Bac à graisse de restaurant

Specialized in the design and distribution of grease traps for restaurants and craftsmen in the food industry, we advise you to find the best model of grease traps to suit your needs. If you are looking for a solution to treat greasy waste water from the machines installed in your kitchen, our grease traps are relatively easy to integrate into your restaurant thanks to their reduced and optimized volume.
Different models of degreasing containers for restaurants

We offer two types of degreasing tanks for restaurants, which separate waste water from the solid and greasy waste they contain. The first is of standard type, the separation of water and waste is done by settling. The second is a Grease Back type and has a lamellar system, useful to optimize the separation of water and waste in a reduced volume and easy to integrate into your kitchen. All our models and their specificities are listed in a summary table, under the heading "Models".

The standard models are the BAGT 25 and BAGT 40. Space-saving, designed for a service with up to 30 or 50 place settings, they are equipped with a basket that allows a large quantity of solid waste larger than 2 mm to be collected. The basket is out of water, which prevents the formation of odours due to soaking waste. Fats gradually accumulate on the surface of the water (maximum volume: 2 litres) and must be collected, once fixed, using the basket, or with a ladle if they are in a liquid state.

The Grease Back models are the BAGT Compact, BAGT 80N, BAGT 200N and BAGT 400N. They also have an out-of-water basket for waste larger than 2 mm. These models are optimized in terms of flow rate in relation to volume. Grease collection is done through the drain valve located at the front of the tank, without opening the cover. The BAGT 200N bin complies with the EN1825 standard in terms of rejection.

The collected fats are stored in a drum before being recovered by a collection company, which will provide a new drum. These fats will then be revalued to produce new raw materials or energy.
Commissioning, use, maintenance and warranty of the restaurant grease trap

The restaurant grease trap is best placed directly under the plunge of your food shop. It is connected between the sink siphon and the public sewerage system. A set of connection accessories is supplied as an option with the grease trap, an additional 30 cm of space in width must be provided for the installation. Depending on your needs and the space available in height, you can put your feet under the bin to allow the floor to be cleaned. Once the restaurant degreaser tank is put into service, only the water inlet and outlet valves remain permanently open. The other valves will only be opened for grease drainage and tank cleaning and then closed. For a detailed description of how to maintain the grease trap, please refer to the "Maintenance" section or to our video or by typing "BAGT Maintenance" on YouTube. The restaurant grease trap is made of 304L food grade stainless steel, very robust, with a long service life, and guaranteed for 10 years.
The grease trap for restaurants in the long term

Choosing a restaurant grease trap or grease trap that is appropriate to your needs and maintaining it regularly is essential to ensure that it is in good working order. Small tasks to be carried out regularly according to its daily use avoid clogging and the risk of malfunctioning of the degreasing tank.

There is no possibility of failure, the system is simple and robust; however, a lack of maintenance can reduce the efficiency of the separation, and even lead to overflow of the unit.

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