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grease traps for professional kitchens

Our grease traps for professional kitchens can be installed at any restaurant and catering professional who wishes to pre-treat grease from dishwashers, dishwashers, ovens, etc., in accordance with the law. It is prohibited to discharge oily waste directly into collective sanitation networks, in view of the health risk for maintenance personnel.
Installation of the degreasing tank for kitchen

The kitchen degreaser tray is usually installed under the sink tray. The water inlet is connected to the siphon and the water outlet to the public sewerage network... Care should be taken to install a gooseneck siphon to avoid clogging the siphon. The procedure for installing the degreaser tank is visible on our video or with the search terms "assembly installation BAGT" on YouTube. Installation is usually done by a professional in less than half a day.
A degreasing tank for kitchens to be regularly maintained

Once the kitchen degreaser tank is in place and connected to the desired elements, it must be maintained regularly to avoid malfunctions. Three steps are necessary for its proper functioning, to be carried out regularly and according to the more or less intensive use of the grease trap: evacuate solid waste, collect grease and empty the trap. The video explaining how to maintain the bin can be viewed here or with the search terms "assembly installation BAGT" on YouTube.
Choice of grease trap for professional kitchen

The choice of a grease trap for professional kitchens is made according to your needs, from 0 to 90 place settings for our smallest model and from 200 to 400 place settings for the most important. You can find a comparison of our different models in the dedicated section. Four models integrating our Grease Back system, which optimizes water/grease separation with the lamellar system, and collects grease without opening the tank cover, thanks to a drain valve located at the front.
Kitchen grease traps that stand the test of time

Our kitchen grease traps or restaurant grease traps to be installed under the sink are guaranteed for 3 years. There is no electrical connection to be provided and no risk of failure. The 304L stainless steel in which they are manufactured guarantees very good wear resistance. Poor management of fatty waste could be the cause of the deterioration of the bin, which is why we recommend that you follow the cleaning and maintenance steps, depending on the amount of waste discharged and the flow rate of your kitchen.

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